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The first step: get to know the  best multimeter. Here are the common functions of the digital multimeter. The several modules we commonly use are shown below:    The left side of the picture is a red and black pen. The plastic end is plugged into the digital multimeter. The metal end is used to contact the line to be measured. For direct current, the metal end of the red pen is connected to the positive end, and the metal end of the black pen is connected to the negative end. For AC, The metal end of the red pen is connected to the live / phase line end, and the metal end of the black pen is connected to the neutral line end. The    right side of the picture is an LCD display for displaying the measured value. The    right side of the picture is a range switch. The range switch is divided into DC current. Gear A-, AC current gear A ~, DC voltage gear V-, AC voltage gear V ~, frequency gear HZ, resistance gear Ω, which type of parameter we want to measure is the grooved range switch Screw it to this type of gear, then estimate the approximate size according to the parameter to be measured, and then select the specific gear under this type of parameter again, such as measuring 220V AC voltage, first turn the range switch to A ~ range, then Select a specific gear with a voltage greater than 220V. In the picture, you can choose a gear with a voltage of 600V or 750V. The selected gear must be greater than the measured value, otherwise the digital multimeter may be damaged! !! !!    3 on the right side of the picture are the holes where the black pen plastic end is inserted, and 4,5,6 are the holes where the red pen plastic end is used when used. When measuring voltage, frequency, and resistance data, insert a red pen into 4 holes and a black pen into 3 holes. When measuring a current less than 600mA, insert the red pen into 5 holes, and the black pen is still 3 holes. When measuring a current greater than 600mA, insert the red pen into the 6 hole.


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