Candle Me

Candle Me is the perfect place for anyone who desires the best quality candles in Australia. Our products ensure a long lasting intense fragrance, longevity, a clean burn and less wax wastage. We are a registered distributor of the highest quality candles available from the USA. Our clients have exclusive access to candles from Jazz, Black Buggy and Our Candle Company offering a wide range of options to choose from.

Filling your home with formidable scents adds value to an evocative and fresh dimension to your living space. Candle Me considers candles as important as the balance of sound, light, movement and color in the environment you live in.

We also have an online store which allows wholesale and retail shopping of the most beautiful candles for any use and occasion. Our store includes soy candles, triple scented candles, fruit candle scents, mason jar candles, country style scented candles, fleur de lis candle with lids etc. products. Buy it now from:

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